November Community Day: Cyndaquil, 2x Catch XP/Stardust



This is great for non Tl 40s…


The 2x stardust is good, although 3-4x would’ve been much better, but the 2x XP is useless without raising the level cap.


I don’t know why they can’t make the rewards vary according to trainer level, e.g.:

TL </= 39 = 2x dust and 2x XP
TL = 40 = 3x/4x dust


With it being Double Dust and not a massively desirable Pokemon I’m going to let the Go Plus do the work on this one with Star Piece running the whole time.

The rest of this week will suffer slightly as I manipulate the Bag running other items down to hold around enough Red Balls for the day. 400 seems like enough.
I’ve got plenty of Pokemon storage as just before the re-run of Beldum day I made the radical decision to only keep final evolutions unless they are Meta relevant, Shiny, 100%, 0% or are required if I don’t have the final Evolution yet.
I may regret it later but playing with only 100 -150 available space was becoming tiresome.