Not in a team lvl 30+ players?


I’ve been playing since July 2016 and I’ve never joined a team. I didn’t play for most of 2017 and got back into it just in time to get delibird and zangoose around December the end of last year. I’m currently level 33 and I was wondering if there are any players out there who aren’t on a team who are level 30+. How long have you been playing?


Nearly the same time, but when I entered, there was no chance to avoid to choose a team.

Can you make a screenshot? In the screen of the map normally the bar to see how you advance to the next level and the circle arround your buddy has the color of your team.


But… can you raid or battle in a gym if you are not in a team? You also cannot get free coins for gym defense, is is not a shame?

But I suppose everyone has their own way of playing the game and if you are just enjoying catching and collecting mons then good for you ! :slight_smile:


I don’t battle or raid, and I wasn’t able to get mew and probably won’t get celebi :pensive:. There are definitely cons, but on the plus side I don’t need much storage since I don’t need any revives, potions, etc. I do play to fill up my pokedex and trading has helped a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like Dee said - everyone has their own way of playing, and that’s totally fine.
A friend of mine tried avoiding team choice, too. He wasn’t keen on battling in gyms etc, but then when legendary raids came out, he only lasted two more days and chose a team. :laughing:
But I don’t know what level he was at that time.


Yeah, i chose my team the second i hit level 5 :laughing:


It has to be my screen, but I see blue in the picture…

Another thing, when you make an evaluation of a Pokémon, which type of appraisal appear? Or can’t you do so?


oh wow no battles no raids.


how can u not be on a team past level 5?


I can’t appraise anything


Mmmh, so I think to be in any of the three teams is better than your situation…

I’m a colector, I can be without fighting, but without appraisal…


How did you manage to reach level 33 without getting any coins? Sounds impossible to me


I play at least an hour daily and 2 on the weekends if I have time. Managed to hit level 32 and 33 quickly because I became ultra friends with a few friends. I don’t know if I’ll ever reach level 40, but leveling up isn’t why I play anyways :sweat_smile:


You’re not alone! Just hit level 34 this past weekend, and still a proud member of Team Harmony. :slight_smile:

I intend to reach level 40 without joining one, though it’s going to take a while. My friends always joke that I’m playing on hard mode. In addition to no team, I also have no data plan.


I didn’t know being teamless meant I was in Team Harmony! :open_mouth: How long have you been playing?


That’s what I’ve been calling it when everyone asks what team I’m on. (Though sometimes, I quote the band Rush - “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”)

Since july 2016, same as you.


I wasn’t on a team until Lvl 27. Multiple reasons. However it’s much more fun in game being on a team. You weren’t just making the game harder you are making it massively harder. Plus all the comradery of being on a team. I’m over double Lvl 40 xp. I highly recommend picking a team.


Half the fun of the game is the social aspect of it. I didn’t pick Mystic, my son did. I started this game because he wanted to play. I kind of took over because I realized how fun it was. Now he introduces me to all the different monsters because we watch the cartoon together. He has his own phone now and is Level 34 so all is good. But once I got on Discord it became even better because we can interact with all the local players. It is fun to troll Valor and Instinct but I still send them presents a few times a week.


Join team Mystic we’re the best there is enough said


Stop saying this !