Not feeling it anymore


I bet you have all noticed I haven’t been posting on the forum much since June, and that’s because PoGO has been getting boring. I have highschool now, I’m more busy, and plus ROBLOX has been getting more interesting. I also live in a Semi Rural area (I can see stops from my house, but they are kinda hard to access.) which is making the game boring. I am still playing, just not as much anymore. Sure, Gen 5 has been released, but I am only catching lillipups and Patrats. I hope I can play more again soon!


My son barely plays anymore, but he plays a whole bunch of other games. I only play this.


The great thing about Go is that it’s easy to come back to it. I “quit” once for about three months two years ago. The time off re-invigorated me, to be honest.


I was really hyped about Gen 5 but that excitement dropped rather quickly thanks to incredibly rare spawns and nigh zero chance to get what I want from eggs (Litwick, Deino?)
I wouldve loved it if we got a Tier 5 and breakthrough pokémon to go along with it but we sadly didnt


I’m not holding out much hope of finding or hatching a decent Deino.
How long since Gen 4 was released? I’ve hatched 3 maybe 4 Cranidos and 2 Gilble in that time and none of them were any good and had to go to the Professor. Looks like I’m waiting for the CD to finally get around to getting a Chomp then an even longer wait for whatever Deino final evolution is.
At least Larvitar were easily hatched in some frequency (without being excessive) when Gen 2 was released.