No revive or potion needed on Pokémon after raid?


Did a Deoxys raid today, there are Pokémon fainted or the HP is decreased after raid, I tried to use Revive and Potion on them, but guess what, no need at all, they are back to full health, most likely due to the CP re-balance today, anybody has the same experience?


Yesss! All my pokemon got revived and healed! Juet checked!


This would be tied in with the CP re-roll I would think?
Back when the game used to select Blissey all the time in the Recommended something significant was done in the game and all mine that I used to keep fainted so they couldn’t be selected where revived/healed.


My Snorlax was returned back to me with 0 HP, so I think this “benefit” has ended.


I never revive them unless I need them. This CP change has just saved me 100+ Revives to feed to fainted Mons.


Same i had alot of hurt pokemon that i was never planning on healing.


Lucky worm


I heal all my mons before playing next day