No-gift nonsense


Gave a bunch of gifts after I finished raiding yesterday and got all the way back up to 9 in my bag by spinning stops for an hour before shutting off the phone for bedtime. Got up this morning, excited to see that my 7-straight-day spin bonus included over 20 items… Not even one of them was a gift. Two more spins subsequent to that, and still no gifts.

Good grief, Niantic. Stop being so f’n tight with the gifts, you buncha weenies. I’ve got several dozen friends to take care of here, and I know others who have way more than that. :exasperated:

Another two spins without gifts while composing this post. Whoever at Niantic decided it should be this hard to find gifts to give is cordially invited to go engage in penetrative autoerotic activities.


Your so right… I don’t understand that giving a gift or not is a problem of chance-

You have moved, gone to more than one stop, and still you’r without gift…
Imagine my problems of walking. I go to a place with several stops, and reach home without gifts…
Tomorrow the game would be uninstalled,


Don’t do that @bagguille I want to battle you


There have been times where I’ve spun 10 stops and have not gotten the gift to send but then there are days where I get gifts back-to-back from stops


If there’s room the stop should give one. What could be the reason not to?


I think it’s all a plot by Niantic so you delete people that don’t Send gifts Then you have a less likely chance of inviting someone to an EX raid that is an ultra friend Which in turn would make people spin more money on passes To try to get an EX invite since they could not get one for free


My 79 Groudons and I agree with that. :laughing: (I’ve bought lots of passes…)


I took all the gyms down in a whole town today and still had to go to out of the way stops just to get a set of 10 gifts to send out.