Niantic is Messed Up


The stops should have a report option. I’ve seen over 3 inappropriate stops, and Niantic should know what is going on in their game.


That cross the line


Yes, and many others do to. I can’t even say how bad the others are, but Niantic COULD see what is in their own game😤


Don’t see nothing bad


Read the name of the stop.


Yea I dream of it gos by how you take it


@Cup I don’t know what you mean bye that but lol


I mean the name just sounds bad if you take it as bad thay could sell hotdogs for all we know


(Even regular has control…)




You should report that I think. Whilst I don’t personally see much wrong with it, it’s clear that some people do.


Thats a foodtruck that sells hotdogs. Whatever implication you make about that name just means you have a dirty mind :yum:


That’s what I said


Lol i dont even get it guess im bad at english or im clean


Lol Your still pure


Whats wrong with it btw
Its a food stand


That is a good question. What IS wrong about it @Pokemon?? :laughing::laughing:


That’s it, still nobody has told us what’s wrong with it…


It’s only bad if you think weenie means something other than hot dogs. If you do, than you are the one that is sick.


Surprisingly there is no flag/report option on stops/gyms. Don’t know if there ever was one, but it wouldn’t hurt if they added that.