Next Pikachu Hat?


What are your thoughts about the possible next Pikachu Hat event. Maybe a Pikachu with a pumpkin for Halloween?? :smiley:


Perhaps a pikachu with an ash-ketchum hat? For promoting the new pokemon movie too this summer.


i just wish there would be trading, I could not get a festive party hat pikachu but would so love one!
maybe we get a summer themed one for trainers like a straw hat and stuff but yeah something later in the year for pikachu


I would like to believe the next special Pikachu will come with the anniversary event. So perhaps Ash’s cap or a fishing hat.


does the fishing have significance in the main series?


Well fishing is a big mechanic in the game but I just consider fishing a summer activity that has a hat associated with it.


OH WOW - i didn’t know that - what does it bring to the table? like what gives incentive for players to fish etc?


Please no. I can get the “catch 200 water Pokemon” in 20 mins here without struggles. No radar or anything like that.


Pikachu with bunny ears for easter?
Oh, wait…


I think a Party Hat Wurmple