News - Zapdos Day Announced: Shiny Zapdos with Thunder Shock is coming on 21st of July



Raikkonen :stuck_out_tongue:


I will 99.99% not get shiny Zapdos


I’m probably not able to participatie and if I can participate, I don’t think I’ll get any Zapdos😥

But sure, it’s good news.


I think I will get shiny since I got a shiny Articuno at Articuno day


I participated during articuno day and that resulted in a depressing story.


And yet where is cd




For once I will leave my boring city and win a shiny zapdos!


enlighten us? what happened?


I went 3-5 on catching Articuno with no shiny. My son went 4-5 also no shiny. Hope we have better luck on 21rst.


Starting an hour before articuno day I walk 30 minutes to 3 gyms near my house (maybe 4 if you count one kinda far). Before I continue I want to inform you that the weather was 115 degrees farenheight, so few people were outside making me doubtful. One minute before the event starts my family drives up and is like “WE ARE GOING TO THE LARGEST MALL IN LA” so I got kinda mad because all I did was walk for 40 minutes in burning sun to get to what I thought would be where I spent the event but was not. We arrived at the mall with 1:30 minutes left before the end of the event. There is 5 gyms and 10 stops in a gigantic area, the entire screen was just the mall. So you can kind of see how this mall was NOT good for pokemon. I ate lunch (quickly) then ran to where 2 gyms where. I found a group of five catching an articuno at the first gym. I entered the raid and another person entered, level 26 , so with five seconds left i left the raid. The group and I headed to the other raid with 5 minutes left. We were halfway done with completing it and it was obvious we were going to win when I was the only person battling it (ERROR 0). Event ends with me getting no articuno.


What happened




Since I still don’t know anybody in my city (except for one friend of me who still plays it), we drove (to many gyms) to look if people were playing. Guess what? Nobody found in the entire 3 hours.


How hot was it


Because that determines if your day was worse than mine


Idk. As I said, we sat in the car so we didn’t really notice it (I was the passenger and played for the driver too, like how we also do on community days). But I thought it was hot that day, yes.


That sounds pretty bad as you played for 3 hours straight and couldnt do anything. Although I do not know your timezone. My timezone is crap as it goes right over lunch hours so we have to eat lunch or skip it.


We had some pause, but yeah, it wasn’t nice indeed. I’m in France on Zapdos Day so I don’t think that one will go any better.