News - Squirtle confirmed as July’s community day!


However, the pattern is still going on. I’m really curious what August’s CD can be.


Great. Can’t wait for hydro canon. Shiny or not i’m excited for squirtle. Wish we got xp or stardust tho.


I actually will be saving my 10km eggs for this event. We got double candy last time so maybe this time too.


No it was only as it overlapped with the kanto event that we got double candy


The 4x egg hatching isn’t a great bonus imo. Hopefully they increase the drop rate of 10k eggs leading up to the event to make it better

I am looking forward to completing my gen 1 starter shiny collection. I wonder if they’ll continue with gen2 or start a new pattern


All the 1/4 quarter egg hatching distance does is get us to buy more incubators faster. I also have over 400 Squirtle candies now from the water event. I also have to work that day.


I don’t buy Incubators. That won’t change for this event either.
The only time I get extras is if they are in Gift Boxes that I buy for the Raid Passes.




Ralts would be nice. I’m really low on candies and need another good male for Gallade.


Keep the thread on the title track about this coming CD and Squirtle.
I’m sure there’s CD speculation thread somewhere to discuss others.


I haven’t got a single shiny from a Community Day yet so I’m hoping this will be lucky number 7!


When egg distances are shortened or all we have is 2 km eggs, I don’t buy incubators either. I save my 50 coins a day on bag storage.