News - Sinnoh Region Pokémon are Coming to Pokémon GO!



Everyone please move your Gen 4 discussion here



Just got a 96% male Kirlia though. Gonna be a good gallade


Giratina is coming!


Took them forever


Gallade is comin yay


Well it’s exactly the same timeframe as Gen 2 and gen 3 but still exciting :grinning:


The anticipation builds. I won’t get excited until the useful ones I would like actually start appearing in game. The others will be just a welcome change of seeing and catching something different/new.


Cant wait to see movepools


Will you use Rampardos? @NotanotherKangaskhan @Necrozmadabest


I cant see me having any use for that I cant already cover.
It’s not on must get and build an army of it.


I might if it gets good moves


Just got the last evolution I still needed. Now I only still need some Pokémon which don’t have evolved forms. Can’t wait for gen 4!


I need Metagross, Gardevoir, Salamence and a few other evolved forms.


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