News- Silver Pinap Berry Stats




Nice, 1.8 isn’t that bad, i guess if it was 2 it would of been to much like golden razz


@Necrozmadabest you were right!!! Better than razz in capture chance! :star_struck:


Yep, better than razz alongside being a pinap


It say’s unlocked after 6/8 so i’m guessing once you get it from the task it will be available in game some how.


item_templates { template_id: “ITEM_GOLDEN_PINAP_BERRY” item_settings { item_id: ITEM_GOLDEN_PINAP_BERRY item_type: ITEM_TYPE_FOOD category: ITEM_CATEGORY_FOOD drop_trainer_level: 20 food { item_effect: ITEM_EFFECT_CANDY_AWARD item_effect: ITEM_EFFECT_CAP_CHANCE_SINGLE_THROW item_effect_percent: 2 item_effect_percent: 1.8 growth_percent: 0.1 berry_multiplier: 2 remote_berry_multiplier: 0.5 } } }


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