News Roundup January 8th: New Clothing Options and Rare Candy Rewards! | Pokemon



RARE CANDY :smiley:
I already have to much of it but its awesome


Rare candy is always welcome, especially since PvP dropped and many trainers have used candy to either add a second charge move, evolve or power up many of their mons.


Also one of the best clothing so far.


I wouldnt really call it OP. max 4 a day if youre very lucky. Its a nice addition to the reward pool i think.


If it was 5 candy per battle maybe then OP if you got it 90% the time.

Loving the new gear. Now new hairstyles PLEASE. Everyone asking for it! especially the women trainers.


The addition of rare candy is relevant to my interests. lol


I can’t raid much so it’s great for my legendaries.


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