News - raid boss update



And it doesnt look the way as i expected to look… @Jormdeworm how do you do that? :joy:


Rrrr pinsir seems to be the toughest…
I just failed to solo a pinsir raid


Somethings going wrong…
I tried to add a link as allways with picture and resume, but in the moment it doesn’t work


So it’s a problem of this article… ?


Yeah, well, let’s go, it’s not sooo important, maybe this helps out:


Just wierd how something’s work out


I see that quite often. It’s as if the screen gives up on calibrating and thinks youre pressing somewhere different than where you actually are.


Picture or not, at least it works :wink:

However, @Brobraam, it seems you didn’t do anything wrong. I guess it’s about the topic.


Does anyone think that this list will change with the anouncement of the water event?? Personally, I hope Tyranitar stays cause I want to get a decent one from a raid kn CD so that it has the special move…not to mention a possible 20 candy