News - Pokémon GO allegedly trading device files and folders on Android raises Privacy Concerns



This should not be allowed IMO.


Dont you give them premission by agreeing with the ToS?


They should have not done this.


Meh, tons of apps do this.


I mean they shouldn’t do that, it’s an invasion of privacy


But you give them a premission dont you?


No at least not in the TOS as I remember


As long as the app just checks for cheating, and not sending any data to it’s servers there is no problem.

If they want to send the data, they have to ask you explicit, unforced permission. That is, if I correctly understand that (mostly annoying) privacy law the EU made.

Cheaters stop cheating and there will be no problem.


They deleted all my apps and contacts lol


Dam but a lot of apps now have access to everything on your phone and what you look up on Google and everything


“We also collect… certain information about your mobile device collected during gameplay (including device identifiers, device OS, model, settings and information about third party applications installed on your device), to operate the Services for you and to ensure that we provide a fair gaming experience to all players in accordance with our Terms of Service (which includes anti-fraud and anti-cheating measures).”


Just curious… On Android I can grant and revoke certain permissions for every app. I can easily revoke the access to the device’s storage. The app still works (can’t save AR photo’s though)… Would they still be able to scan the whole device? If there’s not some flaw in Android I’d say no…
They really shouldn’t do this. It’s just overshooting the mark… Catching cheaters, fine, but not like this.


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