News - Pokemon GO 0.123.1 APK analysis: 18 new moves, Generation IV Pokemon, Android AR+, Meltan’s secret number


Gen IV is incoming guys!


“Android AR+” That triggered me :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope it also fixes the AR-pics not saving issue.


It’s fixed.


What, you like Android or not?

I hope I get it, I do not have a “iphone”


I have Android. Never will I buy an Apple product.


Same. Annoyed at all those ******* who lpok aty phone and judge me.


I still can’t find Pokemon on AR, so this might not help. :anguished::anguished::anguished:


Huh? You have AR but it won’t work?


I’ve never judged anyone on thier phone. My son and both play on IPhone SE because they were free when I upgraded. I have no desire to pay for a phone when I still have to pay each month for service.


Yeah, it doesn’t work 4 me.


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