News - New in Pokémon GO 0.111.2 update: Lucky Pokémon, new Berries, Celebi encounter, Friend sorting and more!




I’m still wondering what Niantic is going to do with Bluk & Wepear…


Bluk giving more dust seems obvious, Wepear…


And I hope you can make a Mon “lucky” without getting a new one


Lucky pokemon ! Just candy to power up. That’s amazingly good.


A lucky mewtwo would be good


Or a lucky ttar smack down stone edge would be good to!:ok_man:


Lol i actially have enough dust but a lucky 100iv low cp would be cool


My 100% IV Flygon will be the lucky one😁
He still has a lot of power ups to go, so why not?


I think this is really cool!


Well it’s confirmed. Lucky Pokemon will require 50% stardust to power up, not none. Still wayyy better though!


Do you have a link to the “confirmation”?


No. Just search Pokemon go hub, go on their Twitter, and like 2 tweets back they showed a picture


Wow! I see you changed your profile!


The article is updated now, I just saw that. It also confirms powering up Lucky Pokémon costs 50% less Stardust.


That’s a but disappointing but hopefully it means lucky Pokémon will be more common :crossed_fingers:t3:



Im not happy bout lucky Pokemon because after summer I’ll never trade anyone until maybe next summer


But silver pinap is sweet!


Silver pinap will have a better candy reward than normal pinap most likely. To think about it, Niantic did around the same thing last year with the golden razz.