News - Mewtwo's Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam Charged Moves to Become Legacy


Legacy = gone for good :thinking:


They will be gone for good (Legacy) why? There is a possibility that deoxys takes over the Ex-raid scene. Imagine a raidboss to whom they could give regional variants to… :joy::joy::joy: it would suck to be on the region who gets defense form deoxys.


Will Mewtwo probably be at ex raid after upcoming Mewtwo month? If yes, it can only learn Focus Blast and Psychic thru those ex raids.

But you sure have a good point about different regions getting different forms of Deoxys if it ever will become the 2nd ex raid boss.


My mewtwo has shadow ball so im happy that i have 1 uber strong mewtwo


Yes. If mewtwo returns to exraids it might be able to keep those legacy moves as ex raid exclusives. The problem is, with regular mewtwo raids happening for one month continued mewtwo ex raids would be unexciting because

1.) most regular players will have caught a mewtwo by then (excluding those people who live in an island, a cave, a desert, a mountain and in the lost city of atlantis where there probably won’t be any pokestops or internet coverage.)

2.) The trading system would enable many players to trade mewtwos to those extremely unlucky enough not to get a chance to catch one… For one whole month.

3.) The incoming Generations will bring several monsters with it, capable of matching if not overshadowing regular mewtwo (I say regular because I hope thay there is a way that Mega evolutions would be introduced in-game.) Gen4 itself brings Arceus who although would be considered mythical, would have an enormous advantage over mewtwo. I prefer thinking of Phione/Manaphy as joint research rewards for Gen 4 and Arceus as the new Exraid boss.

And no. Shadowball and hyperbeam would not be enough incentives to keep triggering exraid for a mewtwo especially if the new one would have psystrike… Which, someone here mentioned would be a three bar move dealing a total of 300 dmg. This would make the new mewtwo a much more powerfull generalist than it once was with shadowball.

In conclusion I can only theorize that this would be the end of mewtwo exraids and a beginning of a new one. … Unless they would release shiny mewtwo as ex raid exclusive in the future, therefore making be a big slap across my face from niantic.


Two bar with terrible cooldown


Psycho cut + Focus blast = Gym sweeper

great against : Blissy, Tyranitar and many other common gym defenders


It feels so good to OHKO ttar with Focus Blast.


@Thorend this is funny


Is it better than Maxed out 100% Machamp(s)?

Hmmmm, I’ve got a couple of days to Max out a couple of the Wifes 100% Machamps and change her 2x 98% and 100% L38 Maxed MewTwos to Focus Blast. Put them through the Battle Sim in Poke Genie then change them back to Shadow Ball before it’s gone. Sounds like a bit of work and hopefully I don’t wast all 45 of her Charge TM’s doing that.
Sounds like a lot of stuffing around. I might give that a miss.


i dont use Machamps, i mainly use Mewtwo with psycho cut + focus blast :sweat_smile:


I’m very curious now as to which is better for bashing Blissey and Chancey the quickest out of Gyms.


To my experience, Focus Blast Mewtwo and Dynamic Punch Machamp are similar at battling those normal type, but Mewtwo takes less damage than Machamp from Dazzling Gleam.

My Focus Blast Mewtwo is on my fighting team with Machamp and Hariyama.


The only advantage is it would not take super effective damage


Yea its the only advantage :sweat_smile:


I use, Aggrons which is my recommended, because they take reduced damage.


I’m so upset that I didn’t know about changing Mewtwo move to shadow ball. I now have 1 Mewtwo that I didn’t tm. I think this is complete BS


You can always aim to trade for one, I must take niantic’s side, there was a reasonable amount of time given to sort yourself with one if you had one


Metagross Meteor mash will be better


I have a 91% Mewtwo that already has shadow ball…

I think it is because I got it from an EX raid.