News - Mewtwo's Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam Charged Moves to Become Legacy


Yep :grin:.


I’ll TM another one! Too bad all my Mewtwos got dissapointing IVs. Not a single 15 ATK.
Hope we get Psystrike, without nerfs.


This isn’t The Fall of Mewtwo, it is The Rise of Mewtwo!


I don’t mind too much, hyper beam is pretty useless anyways but the only real reason why they’d remove shadow ball is if there’s a replacement coming. I’d advise keeping at least one shadow ball mewtwo because it is useful


Why can’t I just wait until next week when Mewtwo is in regular raids?


Dont need neither of the moves. All mine are set.




Thanks @Pokemon


For what?


Oh, your welcome :blush:.


1/ Does it mean the future ex raid Mewtwo will ONLY know Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball, no 3rd charge move?

2/ Like many said above, maybe Psystrike is coming and become exclusive move for the upcoming Mewtwo month, can’t get it afterward. Should we TM the current Hyper Beam or Psychic Mewtwo now without knowing much on Psystrike?


It may have Psytrike.
Probably not @Mew1.


On return visits, the Legendaries usually have a new exclusive move. Maybe Phystrike will be it.


If no Psystrike, Mewtwo from Mewtwo month will be worse than from ex raid


It is a 3 bar 100 damage move.


I like multiple bar charge move, nice!


300 damage :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks, couldnt check that at work. Dunno why they dont just retweet but there ya go.

Already have 2 psycho cut/shadow ball mewtwo’s. Made a third just to be sure. Hyperbeam going away isnt much of an issue for me. Only use Shadow ball (for Mewtwo raids) or focus blast (for gyms).


Some people from gp are saying HB and ShB are gone for good after September 20th, some others, like what the twitter said, they will still be available from future Mewtwo ex raid… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


They will be legacy I think