News - Meltan Mystery Box announced: new Special Research coming, new videos, new mystery




I have Lets Go Pikachu bundle with the ball thing coming just in time for my son’s first report card. Hope he gets straight A’s.


Lol, if he doesn’t get straight As, at least you can still play it! :joy: :joy: :joy:


I hope he gets straight A’s because I probably won’t be able to figure it out.


Not that hard.

Go from town to town catching monsters and battling gym leaders and trainers until you reach the go park and then stop playing.


I haven’t played on a video game console since original PlayStation in late 90’s except for Pokken Tournament that my son set up fight for me.


Last console Game I played was Soul Reaver 2 on PS2. I absolutely loved that game.


I played NASCAR '99, MLB '99, and original Grand Tourismo. Last time I played a console. Twisted Metal 3 also.


You gonna play Lets GO?


I spend enough time on Pokemon Go.
No time left for anything else.


Cant wait to get an army of those little buggers


And then fuse them to evolve lol


Haven’t other Pokemon done something similar, but just making a bigger one?


Guess so and congrats on becoming a regular, you should use the title


Thanx, how do you use it


Go to the place where you can change your profile photo and look around


Just found big news on Reddit:



[Regional] Dutch Pokémon GO player chat

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