News - March Community Day Announced: Treecko!



We all knew, but a confirmation is always welcome. Calling it now: Frenzy Plant.


Then event time is weird…what are you planning Niantic?


I’m guessing it will reduce server congestion, and I suppose it’s because it’s after Daylight Savings time for much of the US so it will still be daylight hours. It might also reduce the amount of time to fix any lingering issues that may occur for those starting.


It will be dark here before CD is finished!


Personally for me, and due to my work time, it’s a good hour, I live in Portugal, and I get home from work at 6 am, to sleep 3:30 hours so I could wake up and prepare for the event at 10 am…depending on where you live, it may not be the best time for an event, maybe they should just change the hour depending on your timeline… But 10am to 1pm here… It’s harsh…


I like the new times. When i have weekends free i regularly visit my parents. This gives me plenty of time to do that AND get home in time for CD. Also no more 3,5 hours of sleep after a nightshift like @KaotikPT points out… Heavenly.

Though im not sure i trust Niantic with all these different time zones. I can see it going wrong here in The Netherlands (and surrounding countrys with the same time zone) that were gonna start together with Great Britian at GMT instead of GMT+1.


Nice to have the official announcement. I’m psyched, even if Treecko’s not very high on my list of favorites. There are a lot of lesser options (imagine if they had a CD for Rattata or Voltorb … yikes.)


Oh, the jealous pokemon :joy:


I think his shiny form looks really cool


The time is weird for daytime people, but good for people who work at night.

Some parks will close at dusk, so need to find other places to spend this CD


So it’s 3-6pm


This is going to be frustration all around. Even when splitting the 3 hour events (CD & LRD) Niantic has server malfunctions. I got kicked out often and had to restart. On Reddit I saw the same complains.

Now the CD isn’t split; A nightmare waiting to happen.

Edit: forget what is written above. Missread stuff big time. Might be better not worse.


Its actually going to be split more since theres 24 time zones.
Are all 24 being used? or do we skip some along the way? Acutally dont know :sweat_smile:


I was watching TrainerTips and just realized that dump ass mistake. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: More spread out than normal. CD is everywhere at local time at your location.


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