News - Junichi Masuda Shares More Information About Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let's Go Integration



Have I read correctly? The conection between PoGo and the switch will be a street in one direction only???

So it’s posible to give Monsters from PoGo to the switch, but NOT in the other direction. Well, calling this an implementation of trading would be a very bad description. In any case it will not foment the sale of switches…


I agree. Not being able to transfer back and forth between the two “companion” games basically defeats the purpose of even being able to do it! I, for one, will only transfer over my bad IV pokemon into the Let’s GO games that I wouldn’t mind not having in GO. They should have just let you transfer anything back and forth, not this one-way garbage. And I also agree with you about the switch sales- Why would a dedicated PO:GO player spend $60 on a game where you can’t even bring anything back to GO(Other than the “mystery pokemon”)?


I mean (in my opinion) this game is honestly geared more towards the kids/members in one’s family/SO that doesn’t play PoGo or have the ability to play PoGo but still wants to be able to play/family member wants them to play. And for kids this is honestly a great way to introduce them to Pokémon. Since it’s a blend of PoGo (something mobile, popular and probably more familiar to them) and the traditional core RPG. I’d say the reason a dedicated PoGo player would eat this game would be because it’s a new experience in an old familiar region and because they love Pokémon and like getting the games, or something along those lines


Are you guys unimformed about genning?


Try to write it again without insulting…


I think what @Necrozmadabest means is that in every generation of Pokémon it has been relatively easy to cheat in every possible Pokémon. You want a shiny perfect IV Mewtwo? It’s simple. I don’t think Niantic would be happy if people are just sending over absolutely anything, it’d be like spoofing but even more unfair to legitimate players.


Im not insulting anybody, but if you do have enough knowledge about the subject of genning you should know that trading from Let’s GO to GO would be utterly dumb
I was just asking if you know about genning, thats it


The way it was phrased came across as insulting. Ie you asked if they were stupid.




Honestly I never even thought about the genning aspect, I was focusing more on the other aspects of the game integration/reception/implementation then the one way trading and genning wasn’t one of the reasons that crossed my mind


I’m looking forward to it. My daughter hasn’t been able to play PoGo on her iPod since like 2 updates ago and now I can’t switch to her account on my phone anymore. She gets annoyed now when her brother and I play on the way to school, but now she can follow along on the Switch.