News - Generation 8 Pokemon with ID 891 leaked in Pokemon GO's network traffic


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Draconeon? Dragon eevee? :stuck_out_tongue:


What? Gen 8?




It’s the Pokemon you get when you link the new Switch game to your Go account.


We Pokemon Lets GO users will have a huge advantage.

If you want thr bonuses @bobbyjack8 you might want 2 versions , one for your son, one for you.


I would never play it. I might get the Eevee version for my daughter.


I preordered the Pikachu bundle with the thing that connects it to your Go account.


@bobbyjack8 will you use the go plus? The pokeball.


What about the bonuses? Lol


I’m going to let my son figure all that out.


Will you use the pokeball?

Looks pretty cool :heart_eyes:


If I can figure out how it works, I will.


It’s not just one encounter. They are all over the place, but not here.
See the chat, @MrGreen212 posted screenshots.


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