News - Feebas Limited Research Day announced: shiny Feebas is coming!



I sure don’t need any more Feebas.


But shiny Feebas?


Shiny Milotic would be cool, but you still gotta walk it 20km


That’s true I got other Pokemon I need to be walking don’t have time for Feebas but if it’s shiny I might make an exception


Not needed To walk it for a couple days afterward?


I can’t wait


I’ll do my usual heap of quests that weekend and get nothing then have to read about all the Casuals and Noobs getting one from only a couple of quests on my local Discord…


Although it’s just level 15 Feebas, if good IV and shiny, why not walk it and evolve to shiny Milotic.


I will only walk Shiny Milotic because it’s not worth for another regular one.


Yet another 3 hours only shiny event (I know it will be available in shiny afterwards, but it’s rare). And only a week after Community Day. You know, the idea is not bad by itself, but getting all this limited time stuff into an already tight schedule gets harder and harder…


I already got way too much feebas Candy…


I have 2 less than you, wouldn’t mind to get more when Limited Research time comes


I had one but traded it


I can only spin 12 Pokestops. Hopefully there will be 2 or 3 shinies.


I can tell you: probably not. We already had our research window (ended 2.5 hours ago) … I forgot to count quests, but I think I got about 20 done - shinies: zero. A friend did about 15 and didn’t get any either. One from our WhatsApp group did 40 and got 1 Shiny. For the task difficulty (10 great/15 nice throws, egg hatching, buddy Candy) the shiny rate was way too low. Disappointing…


Yes, I already know. I didn’t have luck with shinies either.


The uneven distribution of shinies around the Pokeworld bugs me, too, @NotanotherKangaskhan.

But do noobs really have posting privileges on your local discord?


I skipped it. I didn’t care enough about getting a Shiny Feebas to go out in ice storm to collect research tasks.