News - Chikorita Community Day Announced



Well the 3x xp will be the other reason I will play, besides the shinies.


I hope Niantic has fixed the camera bug/Pokemon’s type symbol bug/sparkle animation bug before that CD starts.


Yes, and if gen 4 has come out by then it will be even more encouraging to play.


I knew it would be Chikorita, as we’ve had all of the Kanto starters and logically the Johto ones would be next. Plus there’s a pattern. Starter, random, starter, random, etc.

Anyone who knows me knows that I name my shinies… man, can’t wait for this one. Chiquitita (ABBA fan here!), Chicken Tikka, Chipolata, etc.


It’s kind of expected, I wish they would keep the triple catch stardust bonus, but I know they will switch bonus every month.

Their shinies look pretty.


Another CD I’ll only be looking for Shinies. Already have plenty of good Meganiums.


Can’t say I’m excited.


I have class that day, so I’ll only have an hour to catch…not that disappointed about it lol


At least my kids will finally get Typhlosion in November.


doesn’t seem random to me. It’s the powerhouses or favorites.
Pikachu, Dratini, Mareep, Larvitar, Eevee. Wondering when Bagon will get a Community Day.


I would expect very late 2018 or 2019. It is Gen 3 so later of course.


This cd is very boring…


Then dont play.
It is better than a normal CD.
3x XP, Shinies, and a Exclusive move.


The main reason I’m playing on CD is for the shinies and the fun of searching for them, the XP is nice too, but I don’t really care what the featured Pokémon and its exclusive move is.


Hunting for shiny is fun on CD since shiny rate is boosted during CD hours, and gather tons of candies out of it. I care about the Pokémon if the exclusive move is pushing the Pokémon up in the meta game