News - 7 km Egg hatch rates for regionals have been discovered


Just got 2 regionals, a crappy clown and this:


21 hatched, 1 Tauros, 1 Mime, 2 Kangastahns, and 17 Alolans.


It is now the morning of 01 October.

  1. Does that mean no more international (Mr Mime, Kangawhatever, etc.) Pokemon will pop from 7k eggs?

  2. I have five 7k eggs I’m currently incubating, from 1-3 days old. May those possibly still contain an international?

  3. I have four gifts from friends, also 1-3 days old, that I haven’t opened yet. May those still contain an international?


Answering my own question. Just saw this on Gamespot:

(Niantic) announced that Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros will continue to hatch from 7 km Eggs until October 8, giving you a little more time to get your hands on these rare Pokemon.

This means, I’ll be asking the same questions the morning of 09 October.


As long as you recieved the egg during the event dates they have the possibility to hatch into a regional Mon. Basically any egg you receive from a gift after the 8th won’t have any chance for a regional. Idk if you have any unopened gifts if they’ll have a chance to be regional eggs.


I believe these are the answers:




Thanks for clarifying! @Jormdeworm


I don’t know but this sounds realistic.