News - 7 km Egg hatch rates for regionals have been discovered


15 hatched. One Tauros, one Mr. Mime, one Kangastahn, and 12 Alolans.


I noticed a drop in eggs from gifts, so automatically less chance to get all regionals. Anyone else noticed that too?


I start opening gifts usually only when I have an egg space open. Very rarely do I not get an egg when there is a spot open. At the end of the day, I’ll open presents until I hit limit.


16 hatched, 2 Tauros, 14 Alolans.


And the 2nd Tauros again is from an egg I got from @Pokemon.

Alolan Pokemon - Share your catches

Lol I make sure to send you gifts


Lose count of exactly how many 7km eggs hatched so far, only two regionals, Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime, still need kanga


me too… and from where kanga is local? gonna kidnap a player from there :joy:


NO need to kidnap anymore, just nailed one from a 7km egg, though a not so good stat, at least I had one already.

And the egg is from a local friend not from overseas so it means the 7km egg does not have to come from where the regional pokemon is usually found.


i’m getting a solid 2 out of 9 regionals per 9 eggs hatched.
Sofar hatched 71 eggs and losing count on how many i have. Most are far’fetched though, with tauros second.


17 hatched. 1 Tauros, 1 Mr. Mime, 1 Kangastahn, and 14 Alolans.


17 hatched. 3 Tauros, 3 Kangaskhan, 2 Tangela and 9 Alolans.


Bad news, 6 eggs more, 5 Alolans and a Mr.Mime… :tired_face:


Lets see 13 eggs hatched, 3 regionals (tauros, kanga, farfetchd) and 10 alolans


I haven’t gotten a single Farfetch’d or Tangela OR Porygon, I got one Kanga and 3 Mr. MIMES, I love regionals, but come on can you just grant me one endangered bird. I promise I won’t kill it, eat it, or delete it, forgot trade it!


I read somewhere that Farfetched tastes delicious.


Ik, I am gonna have to put a restraining order on myself from tasting that good old wing!


I’m on 22 7km eggs. 2 Regionals, 18 Alolans, 2 non-Alolans.

A Tangela and a Porygon just hatched from a 7km egg.

Anyone else had that before?


I can even have 7kms :frowning:


I can’t even have


19 hatched. 1 Tauros, 1 Mr. Mime, 1 Kangastahn, and 16 Alolans.