New Very Rare Pikachu With Special Attack?


If a new Pikachu exclusive move that’s very rare and resembles Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu and can’t be evolved, i would introduce a new move called either “Pikachu Overblast” or “Electric Overblast” and it has guaranteed 90+ IV’S, what are your thoughts on it? The Pikachu exclusive move would deal between 180-220 damage, it would be a one bar charged move.


Most of the other Pokemon we have in this game would still mop the floor with it.


Pikachu is getting an exclusive Z-move in Gen 7, and it can learn surf. Great idea, but you would have to take that up with Nintendo


Pikachu already has an exclusive move, item, and like 2 Z-Moves, thats enough (and even with all of that, it still sucks badly)



we had like 20 pikachu events. hope you’re not serious about this, you might wanna go see your doctor