New update 19/08/2018


Just been updated, and went out and caught 5 Pokémon but used nearly 40 balls and also 25 berries!! It’s hugely different, it was 9 Pokémon in 15 balls!! On the similar distance walk. Seems they ve made it harder to catch


Or you had bad luck. Only way to know is if you have hundreds of reference points, not just one


Probably bad luck lol, going on a different walk in the morning and see how it behaves, couldn’t catch a 550 pigeotto. Even with berries to daze it :disappointed_relieved: but hopefully tomorrow is a better trip. Plenty of skitty about too tonight.


Great curve with razzberry adn great ball will get the job done, have fun!


Will be fun!! Have a lazy dog lol. The Pokémon gym where I am hasn’t been overthrown for 3 days!!


I usually get one coin, that is awesome!


Wonder why they put gyms in areas with very little players, I m Benn rhydding and another one in upper Ilkley where the rich live so should be another easy gym to sit and collect coins! That’s where I LL go tomorrow, 3.7km so good trip out. Can you place pokestop, coz they have just found Roman ruins near burley and be good to place one there


No, in the future POI will come out


That d be cool, it’s a whole entire Roman camp and villa, be ace to put a fossil type Pokémon there. There’s lots of poi around ilkley from the bronze age water cups up to the prayer (swatstika) stone that stays warm all year round but it’s thought that’s where the sacrificed children


I’ve noticed a strange glitch in this new update. Some medals look weird, like they have holes. Also this update introduced on Android phones the strange zoom in glitch when encountering wild Pokemon which was present on iOS. It can make you miss sparkles on shiny Pokemon.


That exists for a long time now but if you turn AR+ off everything works fine.


But I don’t have AR+, I have Android.


I don’t know how to fix it on Android😅 Only thing I can think about is reporting it to Niantic…


This brings me back to the pixel April Fools event :sweat_smile:


The medals are fine on my android and it only a Nokia 3 wonder if u ve changed a setting somewhere mine are perfectly clear.


But I do get fuzzy zigzagoon which ain’t many near me


Guess it was just a bad night!! Had a bumper catch but couldn’t catch the qwilfish was at 1988!! Do I LL try again tomorrow. Going to the Moors at night. and for Mr mine at 1098 just as I got in the door!!


Good luck, how is it going?


Still no update here… But I can wait for it.


It’s a good update the Pokémon move around alot more when your trying to catch them. But use a lot more balls unless u are patient and wait for the Pokémon to come closer