New types of evolution adding into Pokemon GO



In the main series of Pokemon game, some of the pokemon evolve by learning movesets. Maybe Niantic can add this feature into Pokemon GO. Trainers are required to learn the moveset only by TMs. For example, lickitung evolve into lickilicky by learning rollout using TM. This would be a great feature if it is added into the game.
The another type of evolution Ninantic could add into the game would be Link Trade. Pokemon can only evolve by trading. However it can only be based on the trading system.

Eevee Evolution into Espeon/Umbreon after using Tamao/Sakura
Wonder Trading in Pokemon Go - Good idea or bad idea?

I would hate Link/Trade for evolution as I have no interest in any Trading at all.
I all ready consider that Regionals don’t exist to me. I don’t want to add any more to that list.


Then how about the evolution of learning movesets? It will be a better use of TMs.


I however liked your article by this much 9000000000000000000000000000000!!! I think Niantic should implement your idea.


Even friendship evolution can be introduced into Pokemon GO. If Azurill walk with the trainer as a buddy Pokemon for 50km, it can evolve. The buddy system can also be advanced.


To sum up the ideas, Pokemon evolution can be related and connected to other systems like buddy system, raids and trading system. The evolution of Pokemon can be a enormous and incredible feature.

We may get 5 types of evolution in total: level up, evolution items, learning movements, gaining Pokemon happiness, link trading. Except evolution in stated location, other evolution can all be implemented into Pokemon GO.

Just one more thing: limitations on evolution