New to the forums wanted to introduce myself


Merry Meet Everyone,
My name is Tirk, and wanted to say hello and introduce myself and maybe make some friends along the way.
I’ve played Pokemon Go off and on since it came out. I just recently got back into it because a friend of mine started to play it.
I am a Gamer by nature, I play World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 and Pony Island Breeding game on top of several minor games on my phone.
I look forward to many a gift sharing with those that want to be my friend.

May the Day find you at Peace
and leave you with Hope


Welcome to go hub I hope you stick around we have lots of information and the people here are very kind and informative if you need help with anything Pokemon related someone who can answer your questions


Pony breeding game ?





Welcome and enjoy your stay at the Hub.




That’s weird though pony breeding game
Hahaha anyway we’re all different so it doesn’t matter


Its ok, I just wasnt expecting someone to bring up “pony breeding” like that.




Greetings! I am a returning player also.


Sup @Makoto847