New Spawn Points 9-25-19


About point 2: no that’s not how it works…

Assuming all men/women/pokemon accounts are created equal and everyone‘s time is equally as valuable - for it to be fair for 1 person to lose their spawns after 36 hours when for a period of two-and-a-half years they haven’t had any, it would need 608.33 people to lose their spawns. Which would be ridiculous but fair.

Workings : 21,900 (hours without spawns) divided by 36 (hours with spawns) equalling 608.33.


Furthermore, you say home spawns are overrated. I wouldn’t know - I’ve never had any. Give me about two-and-a-half years to judge and I’ll let you know whether I agree.

Look - I don’t want anybody to lose their spawn points. The joy felt by all the initial posters in this thread at getting new spawns has surely been tempered by hearing stories from those that have lost out. It has certainly taken the gloss off it for me… but to revert to the old system would be a cruel and unusual punishment.
It would be like giving a poor kid a bike for Christmas and then taking it off him on Boxing Day and giving it to the rich kid down the street.


My home spawn points got removed a little bit too, but the spawn rate definitely is reduced by about 50%, which means I get 50% less stardust when playing at home.


Still not loving the reduced spawning levels and re-configured spawn points. (mumble, bleah) Considering trial separation from the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced a half-catch-stardust event next…


Not much of a reaction but it a reaction none the less… :man_facepalming:


Now, some days in, I have had time to check my usual playing grounds. Despite the fact that I have an almost cluster spawn in my house and 3 new spawns right on the office building where I work, the changes were not to the better…

  • downtown - less overall spawns
  • our small local park and Community Day area - only half the spawns it had before, it might even have lost its status as nest. At least I wasn’t able to tell which Pokémon is currently nesting there
  • several areas where there had always been 5 or 6 spawns along a short track - only one or two left.

I could be happy with my home and office spawns, but I’m not, because it’s not about me. I’d be perfectly happy the way it was before.
Completely removing spawn points in a city center or a park, that’s just nonsense.
It’s almost like Niantic tells me to stay at home instead of to “get up an go”…:thinking:


I’ve found all of this fascinating reading and most of it sounds like it’s changed for the worse.
As Golding Gyms is a very big part of my game play traveling from area to area a lot I can’t comment on any noticed difference. My office spawns seem the same and my single spawn point at home has stayed the same.
I’ve yet to go to the spot I do most of my CD’s or the popular Park not far from home.


Found a new spawn point at my house. No event running, so Niantic might actually fixed (part of) the problem. :thinking:

Edit: I just realized it is on the same day that the Safari Zone event started… But did we get extra spawns when there was a Safari Zone? Can’t remember. :man_shrugging:

Just hoping the spawns stay when the event is over…


There is another new spawn point at my house too.
Hopefully people can get back what they lost and then we’ll all be happy :grin::crossed_fingers:


Nothing here. :expressionless:


Found a new one. 2 spawn points have decreased on the one side of my house but 3 new ones on the other side

Total of 5 now


I got 2 new spawn points at my house!


When I took dogs for walk this morning, I noticed not as many spawn points in my neighborhood, but had additional ones close to my house.


And my 2nd spawn point at my house is gone. So that was due to the Safari Zone spawns. :sob: