New Spawn Points 9-25-19

  • I have recently seen new spawn points in my community
  • I have not seen any new spawn points recently

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Brand new spawn points have appeared!

It’s a miracle! I got 3 brand new spawn points just outside my house! It happened at 10 PM CEST. I can finally catch Pokemon in my house! I never thought this would happen. Thanks Niantic! I also noticed new spawn points all over my town! Have you noticed any new spawn points in your city/town/village?


I noticed this afternoon at work that Pokémon where spawning in new places. Looking forward to walking the dogs in the morning.


I came in from raid hour to discover that my house is now a spawn point.
Previously I had to walk about half a mile to catch a critter (along a lane to the neighbouring village)… and even then the phone signal was so bad the game would often crash midway through the catching process.

Now I can sit on my backside and use my own wi-fi to snag Pokes to my heart’s content! :+1::+1::+1::grin:
Don’t think my waistline is gonna appreciate it though! :thinking:


This is at my House never had spawns



i had 2 on my house. one of the old ones is still there, the 2nd not sure. 2 new ones appeared for sure. So im happy for now.


got one more here


I had three spawnpoints in my house back in 2016, just one and sometimes two (the second is only there durings several events) after, and since yesterday I seem not to have one anymore. :man_facepalming: I’m not sure though.
I hope The Netherlands gets the PokéStop submission feature soon, so I can get more spawn points in my house.


i also have new spawn points.

But as far as we can tell it not just new spawn points, old ones disappeared. It’s like all spawns moved up a meters.

Anyway, i got shafted hard with this. 5 spawn points at home, including nest spawns: gone. got 2 new spawns and that’s it.

Niantic must want me stop playing, first mewtwo week sucked, then egg event sucked, Giratina is also not my friend, now this…


I had some spawns at my house before, but now it turned into a cluster spawn. :open_mouth:

I really hope that our new house (will be moving in November probably) has not lost its spawns, they were rather good, too…


Lost the spawn point in front of my house, but got an other back for it and with some lucky gps drift I can reach the moved spawn point (moved about 2-3 houses towards me.)


two spawns right in my house? Awesome


My workplace went from ~15 to 3… Thats gonna be rough when i have to work during CD’s.


I lost about 70% of my work spawns but I gained 8 spawns that I can reach from my living room.

Local hotspots seemed to shift, I’m anxious to check out many of the places I frequent to see how this shakeup has affected things.


I’m going out in a few minutes. By car, but I can have some look around when waiting for the green light.

Not sure if I’m happy with the changes or disappointed. Lost and gained a spawn point at home, but I have to see if my surrounding spawns are wracked or not.


I’m below disappointed. I already can’t go out that often and now it seems I’ve lost my home spawn too.


My gameplay habits are going to be profoundly affected by these changes.

For the first time I have spawn points in and near my house… but the nearest Pokestop is still 3 miles away.

  • I’ve grown used to going into my local town and catching EVERYTHING I could, because I needed the ‘dust, the hundos, the shinies… and I knew that once I returned home that was my game finished for the day.
  • Now the game is going to be with me 24 hours a day if I like.
  • I’m going to have to be selective in what I catch, or I will quickly run out of balls.
  • Shiny-peeping will have to become a thing with me.
  • Visits to town will be more about spinning as many stops as possible and less about catching.
  • My chances of getting a shiny from events will be dramatically improved.

I’m sure there are other things that will be come apparent as I get used to the new regime. It’s a big change… just trying to get my head around it at the moment… :crazy_face:


Still haven’t found a spawn from the old spawn point in my house, so I think it’s save to say the spawn point is removed. Stupid me forgot that, with like a mm GPS drifting (no, I do not spoof) there were two spawn points as well. Also these spawn points haven’t yet showed me they are still there.

Can’t wait for the PokeStop submissions which will probably still take forever. I just need 500.000 XP to get to Level 40 so that’s no problem. Since I have something almost in front of my front door that will definitely become a PokeStop. That will probably get me some new spawns. All I can do right now is hoping it’s not going to be a Gym😔


Times changed as well.

At the inlaws now. Got 2 spawn points I never had. But still don’t know how good or bad it is around my house. Need more time for that.