New Pokemon revealed (Nutto)


The Pokemon his name is Meltan. It was dubbed “Nutto” by fans. It was the weird grey ditto with a screw thing on top. It is a steel type mythical Pokemon


@KingQ07 @Necrozmadabest


Now we know what it is


its always a ditto right?


I caught it as a Chikorita.


Same, two were Chics, rest were ditto, for @mew1 all were ditto.


My booooooooooi
Cant wait to see his stats, wonder if we would be able to get the exact stats from its GO stats


nvm its availible in LGO too


I think it Will be the same as Celebi, jirachi, mew, shaymin, victini, etc. With 100 in each stat (main series)


I can not be the only one disappointed with this right??? This is supposed stand along side pokemon like celebi and jirachi???


Meh, weve had worse Mons


I dont really mind simple pokemon designs, but come on, they basicaly used dittos body for it. Seems pretty lazy tbh.

Also, there goes a new eevelution that I hoped we could see :confused:


Well Voltorb and electrode are pretty lazy designs tbh. They’re poke ball with eyes and the evolved form they just added a mouth and flipped the colors


The body isnt the same, and the idea is molten metal with a nut and an eye kept inside by magnetism
Really cool imo


Voltorb/Electrode aren’t supposed to be mythical though and despite being simplistic they look okay, I wouldn’t mind as much if this was just part of the next batch of standard pokemon, I just don’t feel this lives up to the standard of the already established mythical but hey it must be difficult to keep consistently pumping these out and it’s just my opinion


Well the model of the body looks like a ditto to me.
Of course there are lazy designs such as voltorb, but it is the ditto body that bothers me.
It is just my opinion, just as you have yours :wink:
You might like the mon, but I was expecting something very different.


That’s totally fine, we all have our own opinions on Pokémon that we think are “lazy designs” for me a lot of the gen 5 mons fall into that category.

Personally I feel like it’s not the most impressive mythical out there but it’s not underwhelming. I feel like it fits in with Manaphy and Phione


Of course everyone has there own opinions on mons, and I wouldn’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it, I think there are worse mons. But I understand why some people might feel disappointed, because it doesn’t necessarily scream out mythical Pokémon


The thing is, the "body of ditto"is a bit different from Ditto and they are both meant to be blobs, difficult to make them too different


I caught a Meltan today, and it turned into a Ditto as well.