New Pokemon in the game and task


I’ve seen post about spinada was just wondering has anybody got one yet


Spin 50+ pokestops, couldn’t find the said task - land 3 curve balls in a row


I just got that task on the way to work so if I do that it will be him


yup, it will be him, he is like drunk:sweat_smile:


Awesome too bad I’m stuck at work till 7 a.m.


take your time to catch it whenever you can.


Nevermind it says spin 10 pokestops or gyms not 50 you think that’s the same thing


according to go hub, if you complete the task - land 3 curve balls in a row with pokemon encounter, it then gives you Spinda.

What I said is I spin 50+ pokestops, but could not get such task.


still looking, spun 120+


I already saw it being drunk in the gym


It’s gonna be impossible to get one with the rarity of the task.




Spun 3…




Spun around 50-60 between going home from work this morning and back to work this afternoon. For no quest.
My tally is in the 100’s looking for the Raid T3 or above for Dratini over the last week for 0 also.
Not having much joy finding the good quests atm.


I didnt even see a stop on vacatio






The only new task i could find was the one to transfer 10 pókemons that gave Misdreavus. All the other ones are just giving the normal tasks with berries or revives or potions.


@Kevin260709 you got two, congratulations