New modes(?)



New modes??

Did they finally take our advice.

Just a fan made design.I would tell Niantic to approve.

here are some more:

in game chat:


Where did you find this


Same place i gave you before and where you been finding all your info.

i think it fake tho, it’s looking awesome tho.


Where is the stop idea?


the what idea


The chat idea woops


its there…look at what the trainer is saying beside their photo.

Thats what their sayinf "caught alot of pokemon today "


I love to see new features coming to the game, but let me please submit stops first.


Is that yours


No, i just seen it on twitter. Pretty much needed tho. :man_shrugging:t5:


I would like to see a battle mode where you battle wild pokemon and in the process level your pokemon up.