New member of the month


Woke up today and got this in my email.

So i feel we should have a topic or thread for this achievement to talk about. Thanks PkmnGoHub


I never got it😕 don’t care either tho.


Well if they have a member of the month you can try for that but if you dont care dont stress it.


I think this is brand new you might be the first new member of the month ever I’ve never seen no one else post about this congratulations


it has been there since the beginning


Thanks PokemonGoHub


This is the first time iv seen this and I been here a year


Best acceptance speech ever


I did not receive it but it’s a nice trophy/badge to have. Congratulations @Figgaroni


Join the “New user of the month”- club

I somehow got it one Year ago lol


Not really existing lol




Oh, cool! Didn’t even knew this was a thing






Thanks @thinger95