New Lure Question


If I use a glacial lure how do i get glaceon


Once you put down the Glacial Lure at a Stop, spin the stop and that should register to the game that you’re close enough. Check your Eevee from its detail page and you should see a new evolution button to evolve it. It will require 25 Candy as well as the Glacial Lure.


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I imagine its the same thing for the pokemons that need the other lures correct ?


Yes it’s the same for all lures that’s how I got my Magnezone


I’m really hoping these become PVP rewards. They’re just the thing to get me to PVP daily.


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Melvin is what they give death in that movie if you have not seen it watch it very funny


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But only evolve it when you are in spinning range of the lure, and then you can go to the Pokemon you want to evolve. Make sure you see the icon of glaceon at the evolve button before you evolve it


You can also use the name trick with Glaceon and Leafeon like you can the other Eevee. Only works once.

Linnea to evolve into Leafeon
Rea to evolve into Glaceon


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@Jormdeworm do you know if this is true