New levelling system?



Stop both, “You have said this”, “No, I haven’t”… this doesn’t help in this topic.


I said most of tasks


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That is some idea mate!
Xp for dust is a good thought!


These are core mechanics that you’re talking about changing. When you increase the amount of star dust you get, then you have to also worry about balancing how to power up/train pokemon and trading and everything else thats connected to it. This would pretty much require the developers to rewrite/redesign most of the game and as posting here may be wishful thinking, i can bet that something like this, unless already in the works, would never be considered at this point.


Niantic needs to read this instead of making buggy updates


This game is wayyyy buggier than fortnite stw which still VERY buggy


In what range? lmao


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