New levelling system?



Catching 100 normal-type is quite more easy than get enough XP for any level over 30 in this moment.


that would be just one of them


Then you are very fortunate. Many in our group of 20 players never found a shiny Squirtle with glasses and that same thing happens with every event. Some have only just completed the special research for mew. I travel a bit further than most of the group and joined larger group in the nearest city pretty much everyone I talk to has had Mew in their deck after a month


The tasks are rural friendly


What is the worry about people levelling up to quickly. How does that affect you or impact on the game in any way. I am not saying you are not allowed to feel that way. I am interested in your reasoning for that. Your game began the same as everyone else at level 1. You have caught Pokémon, spun stops, battled in gyms to level up. Gathered star dust and candy to power up your deck and you can be proud of your achievements what ever level you have reached. isn’t that what most players are trying to do. Spoofers are just cutting out the hard work and effort legit players go through.


Then you’re not rural.


The only thing that needs to be done is a rewrite to the XP curve. That’s all. The amount of XP it takes to get from Level 1 to Level 30 is 10% the XP it takes to go from 1 to 40. That’s objectively bullcrap. Level 30-31 and 31-32 have the same amount of XP then 32-33 is 50% more XP required. If it were smoothed out to something like

-10 million XP to get from 1 to 30 and
-10 million XP to get from 30 to 40
-Extend Level Cap to 50 and take 15 million to go from 40 to 50

It would be a lot simpler and make sense. Same effort needed to get from 1 to 40, but instead of hyperleveling at the beginning then taking forever at the end, it levels you somewhat fast at the start and by the end not being a total drag. With this XP curve change would also be a change to the levelup rewards - levels that are now easier to reach have their rewards made slightly worse (ie removing the nanab berries) while making the levels that are now harder to get to have better rewards (3 super incubators instead of regular incubators for reaching level 30, every tenth level gives as many rare candies as the level, etc)


Im really rural
2 gym
4 stops


And? So am I


You said im not rural


If you can do these tasks, you’re not rural, by definition.


Stop both, “You have said this”, “No, I haven’t”… this doesn’t help in this topic.


I said most of tasks


Stop the fights.

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That is some idea mate!
Xp for dust is a good thought!


These are core mechanics that you’re talking about changing. When you increase the amount of star dust you get, then you have to also worry about balancing how to power up/train pokemon and trading and everything else thats connected to it. This would pretty much require the developers to rewrite/redesign most of the game and as posting here may be wishful thinking, i can bet that something like this, unless already in the works, would never be considered at this point.


Niantic needs to read this instead of making buggy updates


This game is wayyyy buggier than fortnite stw which still VERY buggy


In what range? lmao