New Jirachi quest text found in the newest update


Looks like it will be coming within a few weeks, I’d say.


My wish has come true.


After Japan’s GoFest


Hey Trainer, you know a place called “Area 51”?
Go there and catch as many rare Pokèmon as possible.

Enter Area 51 (35 Rare Candies)

Catch 1 Rock Type (Golem)

Catch 1 Water Type (Gyarados)

Catch 1 Dragon Type (Dragonite)

Catch 1 Normal Type (Snorlax)

Catch 1 Ground Type (Garchomp)

Catch 1 Psychic Type (Espeon)

Catch 1 Ghost Type (Gengar)

Final Reward: 5,000,000 EXP, 20 Charged TMs, 20 Fast TMs, 75 Jirachi Candies.