New gen 4 wave in the meta


I made my buddy croagunk because I want a toxicroak but how good are these pokemon actually in your opinion?
Share your thoughts


I don’t think they are good strength wise but they sure look cool.


Well, in the games Bronzong was quite a beast from time to time
In GO, the best one is probably Toxicroak, a.k.a. the budget Breloom/Machamp


My overall rating:
Toxicroak: 2.75/5
Drapion: 3.5/5
Abomasnow: 1/5
Bronzong: 3/5


Toxicroak will make a good B-level Fighting type, but it’s double-weakness to Psychic-type moves is a huge concern since future Legendaries and Mythicals likely we will be raiding against like Arceus and Regigigas–both week to Fighting only–have Psychic-type moves in their arsenals. Points in Toxicroak’s favor is that it learns both the best Fighting-type and Poison-type movesets.

Now, as a Poison-type, it may fair better. Many Fairy and Grass types won’t be having Psychic-type moves in their arsenal so they may fair better.


Yeah I gave toxicroak 2.75 because of psychic weakness
All of these have low base stats


And azelf is coming out soon.


I do have plans for many of these Pokemon, but yeah, they aren’t the best candidates to use in most situations. The ones I’m interesting in using are Toxicroak and Drapion as Poison-type attackers, while Bronzong might make a decent Gym Defender as a Psychic-type wall. It will require me getting high-IV stat ones to be sure.


Not going to be powering up either of those (no dust rip)
Will definetly max out an Azelf if I get a good one


Lumineon might be okay in the great league


Blastoise exists, however
Lumineon has a bad ratio of stats imo, too low attack and its weak to stuff like Raikou or Venusaur


My 1495 toxicroak is a beast in pvp great league


I really want one… :heart_eyes:


My Melmetal just got knocked out gym.


By who?


By you




Omg so it’s not a dead meme yet


I personally stay away from anything with a 2x weakness in PvP. Croagunk against a psychic move would be fatal.


Not really what should you go by
What about TTar?