New filter option idea - Candy amount


I was thinking that would be great to have a filtering option by number of candies.
That way we will be able to see the pokemons who are ready to evolve or close by.
What are your thoughts?


There is an “evolve” filter, so this part of your suggestion already exists.

Not sure how a “close to be evolvable” filter should work to be honest…

If you are interested in more search options take a look at this article, it seems to be quite complete


[Candy]+[=/~/</>(logic operations with symbols)]+[number]

Let’s hope Niantic sees this and uses it. Would be cool


This would give you Pokémon with a certain amount of candy if implemented. Absolutely true.
But the intention of the OP was to find Pokémon to be “near evolvable”.
Searching for Pokemon with let’s say >47 candy would give you many already evolvable Pokémon (eg. starters you have more than 25 candy for, Pidgey, Rattata,…) but also a Patrat for which you might have 49 candy. This is close to be evolvable, great…
But you will also get a Magikarp or Meltan for which you might only have 70 candy… You’d get it displayed, although it’s still far from the 400 candy needed.
It’s a nice filter idea on its own, but it wouldn’t help a player to find Pokémon close to be evolvable without false positives. There might be a way to build a complex search string for this, but that’s something for power users and “search nerds”


Maybe a new keyword as “need”, amount of candy you still need to evolve one