New ex wave end of october


Just got it


invite me😈

I just got back and hope to get one, but if they are being sent out already ill prob miss it.


Unfortunately we aren’t friends in pogo and I’m in Australia.


Dangggg well maybe you can invite someone on here that lives near you or you piokemon go buddies


I just hope this isn’t a glitch wave after yesterdays community day.


Been alot of glitch waves lately?


Well it seems odd that no one anywhere else has gotten one and others in my area so far don’t have one.

Normally within minutes Go Hub has published it on twitter, but nothing yet.


Probably no1 is as quick as you. :man_shrugging:t5:


It’s been 25 minutes at least since the passes went out, still nothing anywhere online about this except for some in another local chat confirming they have passes.

Nothing on twitter, nothing on go hub discord.


congrats on being 1st, if someone from GoHub who writes the articles doesnt have a friend or know someone that got it…they cant really report it.

I’m sure they’ll talk about it once the day goes by more.


Got another I cant attend. That 3 in row now and I still don’t care.
I Raided 6 EX Gyms (4 different ones) this wave only for the Cats, not for a chance at the useless one.


I got one.


Weve got 2 here for the 31st. Normally we get 5 or 6, and the first deoxys wave we actually got 9…


My ex gym has a raid!!! you know what that means😈


What day


probably wednesday or thursday :man_shrugging:t5:


i hope its not a mewtwo ex raid…