NEW EVENT for Pokémon day :)


In celebration of Pokémon Day, they are going a special event:



Shiny Rattata and Pidgey is nice, but not too hyped to yet again be swarmed with Gen 1, with no bonuses. lol

It’s short though, so I can’t complain too much.


No double stardust, xp or anything. Look, it says only Pokémon that a trainer finds early on in Kanto are boosted. This means rattata, bellsprout, caterpie zubat extremely :confused::triumph::sob:


I mean, it does mean you have a shot at some other Kanto shinies you might not have, I suppose. Caterpie, for example.

Even still, I’m probably just going to spend the majority of those two days shiny checking and not catching anything … again. lol


Shiny event eevee and pika tho 🥳👀


I wohldn’t mind a few more shiny Eevee. I still need shiny Umbreon, Espeon, and will eventually need one for Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. lol


But with the event flowers AAAAAAAGH I NEED THEM ALL


Oh that’s right. Dang. lol




At least shiny pidgey and rattata are kind of easy to get


Big question for me: will Alolan Rattata be shiny as well?


No-one knows as of yet, but given that Alolan Sandshrew, Grimer & Geodude don’t have their shiny forms out yet while their regular forms do, I won’t be surprised if it is only normal Rattata’s shiny forme that is coming


On the opposite Alolan Raichu and Marowak do have one.


But both Alolan Riachu’s shiny and Alolan Marowak’s shiny came later than Raichu’s shiny and Marowak’s shiny.


Shiny rates are not high. Got 0 shiny after a 2 hour walk.

What I’m asking my self, will flower Eevees evolutions have a flower form…


Yes, already seen pics of a Jolteon and Vaporeon with the Jesus Crown of thorns hat.