New Battle System Update


I hear that many people (including some youtubers) are looking for a new battle system, but, what kind of solutions are there? What kind of things would you guys like to see in a Gym Battle update?


Well the battle system is flawed in many ways, of course there are many bugs as well, but the biggest flaw in my opinion would be pure cp based combat, where in this state there is not any variety, basically its all the same, I agree that simplicity will keep this game alive, but currently battle system is at 3year old level. We need something a little bit advanced, like status changing attacks, abilities or things like that. Because without some bit more complicated mechanics the only thing changing is pokemon icon, everything else is the same. In series pokemon had more than 4 attacks and that makes a decent strategy possible, in nintendo games we were limited to 4 attacks, which felt short, but got boring since it was lacking variety and here we’re limited to two attacks. I agree that it would be hard to implement more moves, but still possible. Although I would also appreciate something original brought in that wasn’t in the main games like for example somekind of trainer gear, that also would be levelable by battle xp and could give boosts to certain pokemon types, that would make players specify in a single type of pokemon and upgrade those aspects or a bit of everything thus having counters, yet no significant boosts. Let’s say somekind of research or skill tree. That’s just me, but I would enjoy more aspects to the game than collecting and battling


I say let’s compromise. I would like to see a turn based battle system for Gyms and etc…, however in exchange keep the very very very very very boring tap a thousand times battle system for other stuff for none Gym battling. Niantic should bring back we’re you just have to defeat 3 Pokémon once instead of current system we’re you got to defeat up to 6 Pokémon multiple times. And also make everyone happy with the 100 coins again and with maybe more than just 100 coins maybe also for example rare candy and etc…


Instead of increasing the coins… they could even treat it like a pokestop spin and give items. Something would be better than loosing 10 pokemon in the same day and getting only 50 coins. Just an idea.