"new attack" feature


The pokemon display has something besides the “evolve” and “power up” buttons, now.
My brief search for info about the “new attack” button turned up nothing earlier today. Has anybody tried it yet?


50000 dust and 50 candies are too much for giving it just a try without knowing what you get.


without even haven seen it: it’s to unlock the second charge move of a pokemon for pvp battles.
IIRC some dust is required to unlock it.


That’s what stopped me from just trying it to see what it did. 50K stardust was a lot to burn just to try it.


And that sounds like a plausible theory, Punica. I thought maybe they decided to ditch the TM items and go to open market for for stardust+candy. (That would stink for its own reason.) But your idea sounds more likely than that.


I just bought a second move for my Machamp you can use charged TM is on the second move to change it to whatever you want as long as you have the tms for it


Exactly as I feared. Now we need double the Charged TM’s! I really wished Niantic would at least get rid of the randomness. I’m not gonna unlock any new move until I see a post of which ones are worth it.


I didn’t even think about needing the TM. In hindsight, I should have. Definitely shouldn’t need a TM just to unlock a second move. That pretty much sucks.

You should need to use a TM to re-roll it just like the first one, but having to potentially re-roll your first and use another to “unlock” a second, and THEN maybe ANOTHER TM to re-roll your SECOND one? Wow. That’s a steep price just to get the moveset that you want.


You don’t have to use a tm to unlock it but you do need to use one to change it and if you think about it most pokemon only have three or four charge moves so once you have to the pool is actually a lot smaller when you need to TM it and it lets you pick which movie you want to use it on first or second


Ah, OK. That’s not AS bad.


Yea are we friends in the game if not pm your friend code


That’s what I was thinking when I saw 50k Dust for a new move, I was like wtf is this… But not all of them them require 50k. Some are 10k, 15k, the Trapinch that I have requires 75k for a new move. Insanity…


I probably will not buy a second attack. Too expensive…


It’s only good for like Tyranitar and Machamp and Mewtwo that’s about it not too much benefit to give it to anyone else


I can see MewTwo being extremely handy with Focus Blast and Ice Beam.
Focus Blast for Bliseey/Chancey/ Snorlax and Ice Beam for destroying Dragons quickly that tend to be in the mix.
Might be expensive trying 5-6 times to get that second move though. TM not so much but Dust.


You just have to spend the dust one time


I would prioritize that to Pokemon that could really benefit from using the second move, like Togekiss that knows both Dazzling Gleam and Aerial Ace. Fighting types, beware.

I put together a list for myself for my Pokemon that could benefit from having that move. It would help me weigh level up priorities, because it’s cheaper for some Pokemon to know the second move than it is to level it up to the breakpoint status most of the time.


Its easier, because if you buy the second move, you are guaranteed to get the other charge move first try…provided that the mon only has 3 available charge moves


Groudon with solar beam and eq


@Cup @Luke
MewTwo has 5 Possible Charge Moves so that’s 4 options it can be trying for the Second Move.
If I want Focus Blast to go with my Shadow Ball do I get to chose the move I want or is it random draw.