New alolan pokemon


New alolan out, post new ones as they come out.

Post your alolans



My 7km egg is on 4.5, so I’ll have it hatched in the next few hours.


Update: Sandshrew was hatched

Also caught my first solrock

Then caught (and evolved) this


I got my fat chubby Raticate when I took dogs for walk earlier.


Saw an alolan Muk in a Gym last night. This would have to be the coolest Pokémon in the game the way the rainbow of stripes rolls though the changes.


It’ll probably look cooler after the rainbow overload from the local ‘pride week’ wears off.


Just vuplix and ninetales left.


Daughters first one Hatched today was a Vulpix followed soon after by a Meowth.


Alolan Diglett and Geodude are here!

You can share them here.