New 2019 Loading Screen is Here! What is to come in 2019, we must wait and see


In this topic can we talk about some good moments and experiences we had in Pokemon Go because 2018 was a big year!


I liked community days the most, especially beldum because it was the first meta relevant cd I could really do.

Edit: Thanks @Thorend


I also liked how many new features came out!
While 2017 had new events and loading screens, 2018 was really good for events (and new pokemon).


Garchomp is still nowhere to be found so I guess that my moment was either getting my first EX Pass or getting a 100IV Mewtwo on Chikorita CD
Or the Kyogre raid period


Overall, 2018 was the year Niantic finally kept us engaged. I can’t name a single time this year that I didn’t enjoy what was offered in some form. The Community Days once February came along were killer, and the release of the Field Research System was a huge plus for me.

That being said, 2018 was a great year for me because I went from 6 perfect IV Pokemon to 32 perfect IV Pokemon. March 2018 was the best month for me because I caught or hatched 7 perfect IV Pokemon.