Nerf golden raz berry pls


golden raz berry feeding need to nerfed!!! it too op it deserve to have some limitation harder then 10 berry per 30 min, the situation as for now peoples have a lot of golden berry’s and they don’t even care to duel defend it to keep spam berry’s, in my opinion you want to defend? fine, you gota be there to feed them golden ,just the same way I come here and beating the hell out of your pokemon and pay from my time and fuel ,or make hard effort to come at late hours you too deserved to do the same ,and not sit comfortably from your bed just because you snatched those gyms while no one aware,i don’t care if no one will agree with me, because every idea I put or any suggestion I get overload of negativity with no reason,and when the forum do appreciation page my name not even mention despite all what I post , my only hope is that Niantic watching this and will hear my plea.


They are rare and therefore powerful. Shouldn’t be needed, how would you catch legendaries then?


With Pinap?
And they arent really rare either


Golden razz are super rare
I like almost never used one and i have 159 now


You get like 6 from every raid


From every RAID
Thats where it starts


Well if you don’t do raids often like me, then your supply dwindles, thus becoming “rare” lol


When supply is low but demand is high the value increases.


I cant do raid


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