Need help to report spoofing


The postmillennial vernacular is confusing to me, so I have to look everything up, and what I see defines ‘lul’ as “lame, uncomfortable laugh” and ‘lulz’ as “laughing at another’s expense.” But what the h do I ever know…


I understand I have to Google everything


confused too, what is the difference between spoofer and legit spoofer?


I think you made the people that drive around in the car and the people that use apps to cheat


I just started binging Rick and Morty because my wife got free Hulu trial. I thought it was hililarous that Rick had apron on at BBQ that said SUCK MY D__K!


D RIN K? :joy:


No unfortunately.


I think you should report it and so should others against the same trainer when they catch them in the act.
Just bare in mind that nothing is likely going to happen from just one report. It would take a collection of reports with good evidence to warrant the action of banning as you have to get these things right.

Imagine if Niantic took every single complaint or claim that people raised and handed out immediate bans.
I’m sure there are many sooks out there that have issues with other game players and raise false claims hoping to get some removed from the game out of spite. That’s why Niantic would need a large collection of complaints and/or over whelming evidence before they would take any action.

That’s why if you you have the clear evidence you should report it to get the ball rolling and it will be on their radar if enough did the same.

It took couple couple of people on our local Discord about a dozen complaints with good evidence over 2 months to get action on 4 spoofer accts. We assume they were banned as they were very active then all of a sudden were never seen again. There was never any correspondence back from Niantic saying the were or had taken any action.


My previous post is the long way and permanent way of doing it.
The short way of dealing with the undesirable cheats in your area is to get organised as a collective group like a heap of us are locally. Once a Trainer name is confirmed as being a GPS cheat we make the reports but also make sure as soon as they appear we remove them ASAP from every single GYM over and over and over. Collectively we are relentless and they get stuff all in time. It helps that with some of the hours we work we have most of the clock covered so there’s no safe time for them.
These people are Lazy by nature and that’s why they play this way. They don’t like to have to work for it playing the game like normal players so will usually move on quickly when your make things difficult for them. Sadly they just become a problem for someone else in a new area until such time the hopefully get banned.


Do what @NotanotherKangaskhan says.


I don’t know what he said it’s too much to read and Rick and Morty is bad ass


We just decided to kick him out of every gym we see him in forgot nobody likes snitches


You just did one of what @NotanotherKangaskhan says… :grin:


O cool great minds think a like